Rams vs Falcons – Who will win? | NFL Wild Card

Carol Russell Wilson missing the playoffs for the first time in his career. At the final NFC wild-card schedule Rams vs Falcons on Saturday night. They have not met head-to-head yet this season. So how’d it feel about today yeah it’s a day after this wild I won’t exhaust entertaining day of football and what we get to do is sort of pieces together sort of like a New Year’s Eve a night you have a great time you’re looking at your camera rolls when you called last night how that happens and you wake up the next day you’re like what what what why did i call i x79 a week sort of blow to that for you we will miss everything and let’s start with what’s going to be a really exciting.

Rams vs Falcons

The NFL wild card matchup between the Falcons and the LA Rams, it talk about it such a cool element here. Where it’s in LA on Saturday night the sun’s gonna be just setting out Michael’s on the call Al Michaels first game ever calling Iran’s game in LA. It was kind of be awesome Collins with Michaels. I have to think this is almost like the old battered heavyweight the Falcons. They have been through so much right this is a team that has been through the wreckage everyone’s excited about it. This is the perfect match of other team that everyone knows and it’s almost like the Falcons right against the team that everyone’s so excited to see that. We don’t know the Rams and they’re gonna clash on Saturday night. This is Saturday Night Live to me this is amazing. I’ve been critical of this squad and I have to give them credit to 10 and 6 now. I can break down the X’s and O’s and talk about Matt Ryan and how they threw the ball ton and Julio Jones did get involved.

Taylor gave all these different scenarios and variables to going into the post super against what they are here they they’re a team that was in the Super Bowl last year going up against the Rams. I give him credit. I have to be honest, I’m scared of the Falcon okay after seeing what can looks. I look great either so out of the NFC South the Falcons do up a little scary. They have the experience that’s it they lift their way in. Now all of a sudden I’m thinking to myself holy smokes could this be the most talented team and the postseason. I’m so fired up about the NFC this feels to me like when the n-c-double-a tournament you print the bracket.

We the bracket now and there’s always that one regional that is just loaded in they got Duke and Villanova on Xavier never that’s the NFC. I feel like in my adult life. I cannot think of an NFC playoffs where anybody can win that is more wide open and that includes a one seed that might be vulnerable . I mean the Eagles that the one of the most beautiful team. Right now so I am ready for bedlam madness no chalk anything could happen in the NFC. If they don’t fire doc yeah Timmy going into this game or going into this last week.

I was excited about the quarterbacks in the NFC South because the experience every day did not look as good hopefuls didn’t look great in the small mounting plate. But I’m looking at you know jew– Brees didn’t look great now right in the field goals 5 in the second half. So I’m looking at the Vikings to be or like I finally after last week I’m like Case Keenum. That’s still right now as we stand look like the most well-rounded that defense is so legit. But I’ve never I’ve never played in the NFL. But I’ve never asked a certain any player. I’m never gonna fit and said hey what’s the difference between the playoffs and the regular season and then say nothing nothing is the same it is everyone says it’s a totally different animal is undefeated you’ve played there.

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