NFC Wild Card: Rams vs Falcons Predictions?

Everyone’s excited about the perfect match up between Rams vs Falcons NFC wild card playoffs. Everyone knows, it’s almost like the Falcons right against the Rams. We don’t know the Rams and they’re gonna clash on Saturday night. This is Center Night Live to me this is amazing and as much as I’ve been critical of this squad. I have to give them a credit to ten and six.

Falcons vs Rams

Now I can break down the X’s and O’s to talk about Matt Ryan and how he threw the ball a ton and Julio Jones did get involved. Taylor gave all these different scenarios and variables to going into the post cebra guess. What they are here they made their team that was in the Super Bowl last year going up against the Rams. I got to give him credit now that they’re in okay I have to be honest I’m scared the Falcon. Either so out of the NFC South the Falcons do up a little scary.

They have the experience that’s it they limp their way in and now all of a sudden. I’m thinking to myself holy smokes could this be the most talented team. I’m so fired up about the NFC this feels to me like when the NCAA tournament . You print the bracket, we got the bracket now and there’s always that one regional that is just loaded in they got Duke and Villanova and Xavier never that’s the NFC. I feel like in my adult life, I cannot think of an NFC playoffs where anybody can win. That is more wide open and that includes a one seed that might be vulnerable. I mean the Eagles that the one might be the most beautiful team right now. So I am ready for bedlam madness no chalk anything could happen in the NFC. They was so fired up to me going into this game or going into this last week. I was excited about the quarterbacks in the NFC South because the experience ever they do not look as good hopefuls didn’t look great in the small money play. But I’m looking at you know juries didn’t look great Matt Wright in the field goal is five in the second half.

What’s the difference between the playoffs and the regular season and then they say nothing nothing. It’s the same. It is everyone says, it’s a totally different animal is undefeated. You’ve played there you know it’s a different speed the whole different animal. So then I think you’ve got to give the og vets the love and the advantage and there goes out feeling with the RAM they’re like they’re so young they’re marks this whole Andrew Whitworth never won a playoff game. You know carnivore wins they’re better. I promise never won a big playoff get like the the Falcons are loaded with young and old talent. That have been there done that one big games lost a huge game and the Rams are so green from the coach down on. But they’re so talented so talented on both sides. Even to that point you’re talking about a different field. It was a different field means defense deserves a huge night. They’re the reason, I think that they will get far now that they are in and celebrating it. sRussell Wilson and those Seahawks great seats all individually have one of the best seasons. If I think the best hopefully it’s not forgotten because they’re not in right now.

Oakland’s pursuit of one Jon Gruden well they are going and that’s one thing the Raiders did yesterday was kick off this pursuit of the ESPN analyst. Mark Davis has long held in high esteem and always wanted to hire as the Raiders head coach. They took a big step yesterday informing Jack Del Rio that despite the fact that he had three years left on his contract got a new deal. This past offseason by the way that he was moving in a new direction. So del Rio built the foundation of the Raiders took them from the abyss brought them to the playoff for the first time in a decade. He is now officially out in from what I understand the Raiders would not make this move unless they had complete confidence. That they’d be able to bring Jon Gruden from the booth to the Oakland Raiders and soon to be the Las Vegas Vegas Raiders. They’re looking for something buzz worthy this would be buzz worthy keep an eye on Rich Gannon.

Chuck Pagano officially fired last night and now new general manager Chris Bauer gets to hire his own coach. There’s several people he knows very well who will be candidates one of those would be considered a top candidate for this job Patriots offensive coordinator. Josh McDaniels of course having Andrew Luck there is a huge draw for any offensive mind and this would be something the Colts are going to consider. The Baltimore Ravens and obviously this year in the past several years become one of the best defensive teams in the NFL. is officially walking away also a longtime defensive coordinator. For the Patriots before this so the Ravens have a big void to fill they do have wing Martindale on their team their linebackers coach a very respected would be considered someone to step right in and take over for peace in Rappaport a busy day for you to start the year. it’s New Year’s day lots shaking of course the front office. The coaching as well as the play as well as via playoff implications. So we are here all day on NFL Network the aftermath taken over at Ian working overtime . Today to start the new year great stuff with you we’ll check in with you in just a little bit Mike Garrett polo.

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